It’s been a while, cause I’ve been with California…

I see alot of music. Alot.

I am surrounded by incredible musicians & it’s shameful to admit but sometimes because of the continual goodness that I live amongst both aurally & physically I become less in awe of it as it becomes apart of my everyday. There’s a metaphor there for life, but we’ll save that for another day.

I distinctly remember having that bubble burst by one of my oldest & dearest friends one night about a year back actually probably 15mths kind of vibe. I remember where I was standing, who I was with & I remember my ears locking in with my heart as I heard the first rendition of this track. It absolutely flawed me. I kept singing it over & over, it had me hooked both musically, lyrically & spiritually.

We were jamming on some stuff for a set a little while after that night & I insisted he play that song. I had by then been singing it for about six weeks straight. We jammed on it quick & I recorded it, I also recorded the gig version that night we played, I kept listening to it over & over. All the physical (terribly bootlegged, rough jams) imperfections were silenced, the song was there & now it’s here, dripping in it’s soulful glory.

When I heard this track I immediately recognised my lack of reverence for one of my truest friends. He had knuckled down, worked stupidly hard & refined his skills to produce for me what is one of his most accomplished pieces of art yet.

The best part is, it’s true.

Love can change you!

I miss my Marissa! x

Back in the live game!

Here’s the baby I’ve been working on for a while now… Don’t know how we pulled it off but we did. Good feelings today!

The lovely Kate. It’s only taken three years to be in the same city for a glass of Sangria. NYC it is. x